School K-12 & Daycare Photos

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Pre-School, K-12 & Daycare Packages, at no cost whatsoever to your school.

At Knox Studio, we offer a range of packages, and styles in which your photographs can be taken.
Class photographs can be done in the traditional class style, with each class sitting on chairs.
Knox Studio will provide your school with a 5x7 photo of each class at no cost to the school.

Sibling photographs are available for parents to have taken.

Knox Studio guarantees a hassle free photo day, quick return of photographs, and the best quality work.

We make certain to work around the children*s needs,
Knox Studio will never asked you to keep a child awake or hold off on that bottle. 

Our aim is to offer you affordable portraits and help your school raise money so your children 
can have a more enjoyable school experience and as a parent you can have a treasured keepsake.
"20 - 50% of sales or a Set Dollar Amount" will be donated back to your school,
providing we receive a minimum of $200 in orders.

Portraits can be either pre-printed or provided in proof format for parents to order from.
Your child*s portraits will be returned to your school in 14-28 days after the photo shoot or order date.

Booking your photo day is easy! Simply call us to set the date.

Indicate the number of families enrolled. We will provide info sheets and **order envelopes in 
advance so your families can make their selections.

**If pre-printed packages, each child then brings their completed envelope to class with 
payment enclosed on photo day.

Questions just call, Joseph Bingham at 606-862-8000.